Eureka5's intuitive design allows operators to pinpoint leak locations with the minimum amount of training. Designed for the daily rigors of demanding sitework.




The Eureka5 Leak Noise Correlator is a state of the art, tablet based leak detection device for locating and pinpointing leaks on a wide variety of pipe sizes and materials. The Eureka5 can help operating teams in reducing the number leakage incidents, quickly. It’s designed to be the ultimate support tool with a touch screen tablet, powerful filtering options and the ability to locate sensors with GPS. For operators looking to find more leaks per man per hour, that would otherwise be missed, the Eureka5 is the perfect choice.

Fast, easy and intuitive to use it will become the basis for Ovarro's leak detection platform. Future expansion into Ovarro's leak detection platform will allow for Ground Microphone input and lift and shift logger programming.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

Hydrophones with BSP/NPT fittings for plastic and large diameter mains

Vehicle mount aerial extending radio range

Sensor extension cables for assets that are in a deep location

Intuitive in design and can be upgraded remotely via Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G

In case battery charging

Single-case Design

The Eureka5 offers in case battery charging, either from the mains or a vehicle, which means it’s always ready when you are. Ruggedised and portable, it is designed for on-site use in challenging environments. The Eureka5 provides high performance leak location even on plastic pipe.

Easy to operate

The Eureka5 software is intuitive in design and can be upgraded ras new features are developed, future proofing your investment. It also has the ability to be upgraded remotely via Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G.  The touch screen ensures easy operation involving the minimum actions to achieve results.

Compatible with other Ovarro products

Existing customer tablets can also be used with the Eureka5 and with Ovarro's expanding portfolio of leak detection devices. This reduces capex costs, as existing tablets can be utilised. For example, sometimes pipe fittings are not easily accessible, or excessive noise interference exists during the day, in these situations, the Enigma correlating loggers can be programmed from the same tablet and deployed. Off-line correlation can be carried out at any time including overnight. When the correlation is complete the results are analysed on PrimeWeb and the leak location is marked onsite.

Velocity correction for improved accuracy

Using default velocity values to detect leaks noises can lead to potential errors in the leak position. Instead, the Eureka5’s velocity correction function analyses a peak produced from induced noise at a known location to measure the velocity. This can be used at a touch of a button to give a more accurate leak location result.

Uses defined filters

The Eureka5 incorporates spectrum analysis enabling the user to see which frequencies are being heard at each sensor. A coherence function aids users in their filter section improving the ratio of leak noise to background noise sharpening the correlation. Default filters are auto selected based on pipe material.


Time delay range


Maximum distance (theoretical)

Iron pipe; 3000 metre PVC pipe; 1300 metre

Distance resolution

Iron pipe; 3000 metre PVC pipe; 1300 metre

Signal sampling

16 bit

Signal frequency range

3Hz – 5000Hz

Multiple pipe entry

Maximum six materials

Noise suppression function


Coherence function


Velocity correction function


Leak noise post-processing

Via Web Upload



Suitable for use in sunlight


Suitable for use in sunlight


Internal Memory

As tablet

Battery operating time:

7 hours (typical operation with automatic power save)

Language availability


Protection rating



As Tablet


As Tablet

Operating temperature

As Tablet

Radio frequency range

407 – 472MHz (dependent upon country of use)

Power output high/low

0.5 W / 50mW

Battery operating time

12 hours (depending upon usage pattern)

Recharge time

3 hours (temperature dependant)

Protection rating (Transmitter)


Dimensions (not including antenna)

185mm x 65mm diameter



Operating temperature

-10°C to +50°C

Charging Temperature

0°C to +45°C

Sensitivity Cable




Protection rating (Accelerometer sensor)


Frequency range




Frequency range



1'' BSP connection or NPT connection

Transport case

Ruggedised with in-case battery charging

Mains charger

110/240 VAC 50/60Hz

Vehicle charge

12 VDC
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