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Our technology delivers actionable insights across critical assets

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Our monitoring and control technology delivers actionable insights that enhance situational awareness, one data point at a time.

For more than 40 years Ovarro engineers have developed monitoring and control technology to enrich our customers understanding of their assets and provide them with trusted insights so they can make business critical decisions for the advancement of productivity, safety and security. Explore our technology and discover how we can make a big difference to your business.


We offer a range of tech services including analysis and reporting, laboratory services and database handling to assist with pipeline management.

Training and Consultancy

We offer ways of welding PE pipes using Electrofusion and Butt fusion, alongside a range of training to assist with pipeline management.


Securely and effectively monitor and control a wide range of remote assets and improve operational efficiency with Ovarro RTUs.

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Data Loggers & Leak Noise Loggers

Choose from a range of Data Loggers or Leak Noise Loggers and Correlators. Whatever your decision, Ovarro's market-leading leak detection devices improve operational efficiency and reduce leakage.

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Flow Meters

Flexible flow measurement solutions for surveying and permanent installation on pressurised water distribution networks.

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Explore Our Technology

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