Electrofusion Remote Inspection

Greater confidence in your assets with independent quality assurance.

Unique Remote Inspection

We remotely inspect the incoming data and provide an independent assessment of the evidence presented, highlighting any non-conformances that are almost certain to reduce the expected design life of the asset.

We have a team of technical experts monitoring and scoring the preparation quality of every joint against standard industry criteria. When a joint has been assessed, any non-conformant notifications are sent to site managers and operators, who can then act on any non-conformance prior to commissioning.

Greater confidence in your assets

Remote inspection provides greater confidence in network construction, only non-conformant joints are highlighted meaning remedial action can take place prior to commissioning.

Guaranteed asset performance

When a joint achieves a ControlPoint standard we will provide a guarantee of up to £5000 for 10 years. Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for full details.

Independent, trusted, expert quality verification

Contractors can showcase their quality asset installation, having their work inspected by 3rd party industry professionals. All this data is stored securely on our JointManager database.

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Features & Benefits At A Glance

A team of reliable technicians in the field

Guarantee of up to £5000 for 10 years

Greater confidence in network construction

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