PrimeWeb is a cloud based analytics solution for water network pressure, flow and leak location monitoring.

Real-time data collection and visualisation of water network.


PrimeWeb is a cloud based data collection solution for monitoring water network pressure, flow and leak location pinpointing. This solution, combined with our data logging products, allows data processing and display of water network data, event alarms and correlated leak positions; all on one platform. 

PrimeWeb processes remote data from XiLog data loggers, Phocus noise loggers and Enigma correlating noise loggers. The data collected is then accessible anytime, anywhere. A user can quickly identify problems such as exceptional usage, low pressure or increased leakage. Users can process data in PrimeWeb to generate greater insight than from raw data alone. PrimeWeb offers high security together with customised user access levels. 

Features & Benefits At A Glance

State-of-the art analytics

Full Visualisation capabilities

Daily updates for reduced leak run time

Historical data to aid leakage management

Alarm Notifications

State-of-the-art analytics & visualisation

PrimeWeb collects and processes data transmitted from remote loggers to the Cloud.

  • Increase your confidence in pinpointing leaks accurately and fast
  • View your deployed Ovarro leak detection assets
  • Visualise your leaks on Google MapsTM
  • Understand local surroundings with Google Street ViewTM  display
Daily updates & historical data

 Users gain valuable insight from processed data.

  • Action repairs sooner to reduce leak run time and water loss
  • Manage leakage by undertaking pattern analysis and identifying recurring problems
Alarm notifications & leak listening

 Leakage managers can manage assets more effectively and efficiently.

  • Receive notification when a leak occurs
  • Listen to confirm that a leak is present before undertaking costly works

Loggers supported

XiLog+ data loggers, Phocus3 and Phocus3m acoustic noise loggers and Enigma3m 3hyQ correlating noise loggers

Parameters processed

network pressure, flows, water usage, nightlines, leakage detection and leak location


Logger data and leak positions on Google Maps* and ‘Street-View’


notifications sent by email


Desktop or laptop


Google Chrome 67 or higher

Data format

Bespoke encoded


Unique client log-ins

Customised user access levels

Configurable to individual client access requirements. Client and sub-user accounts can be created to make controlled logger data available to individual users.
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